01/16/2015 Center for Economic History at Moscow State University
01/15/2015 Gaidar Forum in Moscow
12/11/2014 Greek Orthodox Archons Conference, Athens
12/09/2014 El Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos
12/04/2014 Paris Law and Finance Seminar
11/16/2014 Wall Street Journal, One-Day University Business School
11/10/2014 Inaugural Distinguished Lecture on Political Economy, King’s College, London
10/27/2014 Haber gives the keynote speech at the Financial Stability Conference – Tilburg University, about FBD
09/08/2014 Book Forum at the Cato Institute featuring Calomiris speaking about FBD.
09/03/2014 Book talk with Calomiris at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority

The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit