Mexico’s National Academy of Sciences

Stephen Haber gives presentation about Fragile by Design at the Colegio de Mexico, as part of his induction into Mexico’s National Academy of Sciences.

Museum of American Finance

Book event at the Museum of American Finance, New York March 7, 2014

Manhattan Institute

Robert Samuelson at the Manhattan Institute, 02/06/14

Fragile By Design book launch

Charles Calomiris and Stephen Haber speak at the book launch, February 5, 2014. Photo: Jay Mallin
01/16/2015 Center for Economic History at Moscow State University
01/15/2015 Gaidar Forum in Moscow
12/11/2014 Greek Orthodox Archons Conference, Athens
12/09/2014 El Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos
12/04/2014 Paris Law and Finance Seminar
11/16/2014 Wall Street Journal, One-Day University Business School
11/10/2014 Inaugural Distinguished Lecture on Political Economy, King’s College, London
10/27/2014 Haber gives the keynote speech at the Financial Stability Conference – Tilburg University, about FBD
09/08/2014 Book Forum at the Cato Institute featuring Calomiris speaking about FBD.
09/03/2014 Book talk with Calomiris at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority